We kicked off our opening day with some great talent. After months upon months of hard work and being away from families, we opened our gates to an amazing response. The Coke Bottling Plant lay dormant for so many years that it just seemed fitting for the first show be a part of the “We’re not Going Anywhere” tour. Molly Parden opened and performed and incredible acoustic set. David Ramirez followed her up and minds were blown. We had a great night, made some great memories and can’t wait to do it again on December 22nd with Paper Anniversary and Wynn Christian. Thank you so much to everyone who came out and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Support live music and lets solidify Dothan as a live music destination!



148 light bulbs now light the courtyard! We have pushed so hard to get this project ready for this weekend and are so proud of every aspect of it! Check out these photos and get excited about Sunday! Be sure to grab your tickets if you haven’t already! click on over to